Prostate assessments can find out whether you might have prostate cancer or another prostate problem, such as an enlarged prostate or prostatitis. You might hear these tests being called a prostate screening test or exam. Such tests include a PSA test, PCA3 test, Multiple Parametric MRI (mpMRI) and biopsies.

Multiple Parametric MRI
for Prostate Cancer

Multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI) works by creating detailed images of your prostate and surrounding tissues that enable clinicians to better detect suspected prostate cancer.

An mpMRI will give clear information about whether there is cancer inside your prostate, and how quickly any cancer is likely to grow. An mpMRI is usually taken before a biopsy. If you do need a biopsy, the scanned images from the MRI will be used to decide which parts of the prostate to take samples from.